Today has been another long hot day. This was the 22nd day this year with temperatures in the 100’s. There are at least five more in the forecast in the next couple of weeks. Definitely a hot summer.

So, since I am tired out after walking in temps that are still in the upper 80’s I will just share a quick post about puzzles that I have done this year. I have already written about each of them individually and will share the links to each previous post.

Periodic Table Puzzle, 1,000 piece puzzle, ElementsThe first puzzle was one of The Periodic Table of the Elements. I ran across this one at a book store and just had to buy it. This one reminded me of High School Chemistry days when we had to memorize all the elements. There were not quite as many back then 🙂

For more on this puzzle see Doing a Puzzle.

Smithsonian Stamp Puzzle, puzzles, stampsI was then in a puzzle mood so dug out a puzzle that I have had for quite some time but never put together. This one took my memories back even further to when I collected stamps when I was a kid. I remembered many of these stamps and of course many of the individual stamps also stirred up memories as well. Of course some of those are coming back as I write this.

See Another Puzzle for more about this puzzle.

Reddish Egrets, Audubon, Puzzles, Jigsaw PuzzlesI also complete Yet Another Puzzle which was of Reddish Egrets. This was another one that I saw at the bookstore and just had to buy. I have the Audubon print that this puzzle is taken from. I looked for more Audubon puzzles from this puzzle maker. There is only one more that I found and I don’t think I have that print, so I am not going to hunt it down.

I do have my next puzzle picked out and ready to go. It reminds me of Iowa. You will probably see sometime soon what the puzzle is of.

Now for some rest after the long walk. I felt like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, which I listened to tonight as I finished listening to Ezekiel and started in on Daniel.

Which of these puzzles would you do?


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