Another Puzzle

You may remember seeing my post Doing a Puzzle where I showed pictures of a unique puzzle that I had bought at a book store. Since I was in a puzzle doing mood I also pulled out another puzzle that I have had for quite a few years, but never put together.

The puzzle has sat on the card table for several months since I have completed it. Tonight I took a few pictures before taking it apart. I now have another puzzle that I want to put together.

Puzzle Pieces, Smithsonian, Stamp PuzzleThe puzzle pieces for this puzzle are a bit more traditional than the previous puzzle. However, the first step for me is to always look for the edge pieces. Can you see any edge pieces in the picture above?

Puzzle edge pieces, smithsonian stamp puzzleHere the edge pieces have been put together and I am now ready to fill it all in.

Smithsonian Stamp Puzzle, puzzles, stampsHere is the completed puzzle. Here you can see that it is a collection of stamps from the United States. When I was young I collected stamps and I have many of the stamps in this puzzle in my collection. Of course, I don’t have the stamp that is in the very middle as it is very valuable. The “Inverted Jenny” is worth up to a million dollars.

See my post: Stamp Collecting

Smithsonian stamp puzzle, stamps, stamp collecting, puzzlesThe puzzle has 1000 pieces and is from the Smithsonian. However, I didn’t go to the Smithsonian to get it. I bought it at a book store.

Stamps Puzzle, Stamp CollectingWorking on the puzzle and slowly having the stamps come together was also very educational as I looked at the stamps to see what they were commemorating.

I may have to do this puzzle again sometime as it was a fun puzzle to do.

Keep a lookout for a post about the next puzzle. I bought it for a particular reason and I will share it with you sometime.

Are you a puzzle doer? What type of puzzles do you like?


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