More Tree Trimming

Today was yard work day and after mowing my back yard I did some more tree trimming. For some earlier tree work see A Little Tree Trimming.

Spring Tree growth, tree trimming, Neighbor fenceMy main task was to address a few branches that were growing toward my neighbors house. I had to be careful with these as they already extended over the fence.

Branches, Tree Trimming, Cutting up a treeYou can see that some of the limbs that I cut off were pretty big. I also trimmed a few branches that were close to hanging over my roof as well.

Tree limb piles, trimming trees, Spring TrimmingHere you can see the start of the limb piles. I cut the larger limbs into yard waste container lengths and piled them up. The other pile which is mostly in the shade was of smaller limbs that would be easier to shove into the container.

Yard Waste, Tree Trimmings, Back Yard WorkI was able to get all the trimmings into the yard waste container. Now to determine if this is the week they pick up yard waste. If so, I may need to do some more work next week.

Backyard rainbow, sprinklers, spring yard workI had a rainbow in my backyard this afternoon as I was checking out my sprinkler system. Fortunately most of my sprinklers are working well. However, my rose line in the front yard needs some work. I am thinking of hiring someone to do it that can also add a few extra sprinklers to the line and also check out my entire system for potential failures.

Now for some rest so that I am ready for Sunday morning.


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