Golden CupCakes

I recently found another new flavor of Hostess CupCakes. I believe that the Golden CupCakes may have been released for St. Patrick’s Day and that they represent gold at the end of the rainbow.

Golden Cupcakes, snack cakes, St. Patrick's DayHere we see the Golden CupCakes box. There is no mention of St. Patrick’s Day, but I think I remember seeing an ad on Facebook that tied the two together.

I was hoping that they would have Shamrock CupCakes this year. I have seen pictures of them, so know they have made them in the past.

Golden Chocolate, White Squiggle, CupCake Varieties, Hostess, Golden CupCakesHere we see the top of one of the Golden CupCakes. Look at the delicious chocolate frosting and the white squiggle.

Golden CupCakes, Chocolate, White Squiggle, HostessHere I am about ready to bite into one of the Golden CupCakes and see how it tastes. You can see that there is a nice layer of chocolate on the cake.

Golden CupCakes, Creamy Filling, snack cakes, HostessHere we see the nice creamy filling. This cake has a nice balance between the filling, cake and the chocolate frosting.

I also picked up another new Hostess item this week. Look for a post on another frozen Hostess treat sometime soon.


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