2017 Bracket Analysis

The 2017 NCAA Tournament is not yet over, but the winner will be a number one seed so I can complete my bracket analysis ahead of time. There will be no more upsets this year.

2017 Bracket Analysis, Upset Factor, Bracket PointsThe final Upset Factor (UF) for the year is 73 and the final Bracket Points (BP) will be 146.

So, how do these numbers compare to tournaments of the past?

2017 Bracket Points, 2017 NCAA Tournament, UpsetsThis year had the fifth highest BP. The year with the highest BP was 2008 where all four number one seeds reached the Final Four, with Kansas University taking the title.  The BP was 164 out of a possible 192.

2007 looks like it would have had more BP since it had less upsets. However, early rounds do not count as much as later rounds and only two number one seeds made it to the Final Four. The other two Final Four participants were number two seeds, so this kept the UF down.

This year only two number one seeds made it to the Final Four, however the other two participants were lower seeds so the UF was therefore higher.

How close to perfect was your bracket? Did you beat the standard seeding by getting more than 146 points?

2017 Upset Factor, Bracketology, NCAA Basketball, Tournament, BracketsThis year was about in the middle for Upset Factor. If we remove the UF of just one team this would be the second least UF of all time. The UF for 11 seed Xavier was 22 with wins over 2, 3 and 6 seeds. Without these upsets the UF would have been only 51.

So now the final question. Who will win the game on Monday night? Will the champion be Gonzaga or North Carolina?


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