Even More Tree Trimming

Today I did even More Tree Trimming.

January Rose, Last roses, pruning time, winter yard careI had planned on pruning my roses today, but I just could not prune my roses while I still had some nice blooms on them. I will give them another week and then most of the blooms should be gone.

So, instead I turned my attention to my trees.

Pole saw, trees, fast growing trees, small yardWhen you have fast growing trees on a small lot you have to keep up with the trimming. I made the mistake of letting a few volunteer trees grow in my back yard that are fast growers.

Here you see me using my pole saw to take down a limb that is starting to reach out too far toward the neighbors yard.

tree branch, tree trimming, yard workIt took a bit of work as the limb was a bit thick and the teeth on the blade of the pole saw are not too big, but finally the limb was hanging down to the ground. The smallest branches on the end just cleared the fence as it came down.

Hand saw, tree trimming, small saw, tree work, yard workIt was then time to get to work with my smaller hand saw. It cuts through the branches pretty quick as long as they are not too thick.

tree limbs, tree cutting, tree trimming, limb pile, yard workI soon had the big limb cut down into manageable sized pieces. However, I may still need to cut a few of the branches in half to fit in the yard waste container later. For now they are stacked along the side of the house.

I also cut a few more limbs off of this tree and also the other one in my back yard, but I am definitely not done yet. I only have so much space in the yard waste container and I also want to space out the effort so I am less sore the next day. Trimming the trees takes some muscles that I don’t use as often 🙂

I did get a nice walk in tonight so it has been a good day for exercise.




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