250K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

Today my blog passed the 250,000 views milestone. Of course, that is today in China. In the US I passed the milestone last night.

250K Views, Blog States, Quarter Million, All Time Hits

Last night in the US, this morning in China, I wrote a post titled Approaching a Milestone. At that time I only had 249,945 views. During a break in class today I saw that I was at 249,997 and knew that the milestone would soon be reached.

250,000 views, quarter million, blog stats, blog views, milestones

After class today the counter was at 250,027.

I looked back to see when the last big milestone for views was reached. In November last year I reached 200K Views for Braman’s Wanderings.

At that time I was in Australia teaching classes.

So, where have I wandered since the last milestone?

Australian Trees, Intersection, North Ryde, AustraliaOf course, I was in Australia at the time of the milestone in November and did not get home until the end of the month.

Pembroke College, Cambridge University, Library, Pembroke Library

In December I took a trip to Scotland and England the week before Christmas which included a Christmas Eve Flight. I then flew back to England just after New Years for another week of visiting customers. This trip included a day in Cambridge where I made A Visit to Pembroke College where my ancestor Roger Williams went to college.

Shanghai Pudong, Pudong Skyline, Pudong at Night, Tallest skyscrapers

I was then Home to Repack for less than 24 hours and it was on to Shanghai.

Texas Longhorns, Texas, Fort Worth, Cattle DriveI was home all of February, but then things got busy in March with trips to Texas and then to Toronto.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralIn April I took a quick trip to Milan which included my Million Mile Flight with United Airlines.

Sands Hotel and Casino, ArtScience Museum, Singapore, Marina BayIn May I spent a week in Singapore teaching a class and saw some spectacular view of the Marina Bay area. See: A Walk around Marina Bay

Square, Archaeology, Tel Lachish, Bronze Age, TempleIn June I spent a week in Jena, Germany before continuing on to Israel to again participate in an archaeological dig at Lachish. See: Vacation at the Dig Review – Week 1 and Week 2

Remote Deplaning, Shanghai, Pudong Airport, Early Morning ArrivalNow in July I am back in Shanghai again. I am adding it up in my head and it looks like I have been in nine countries on four continents since last November.

I have definitely wandered quite a bit in the last eight months. I wonder how much I will wander before the next big milestone? The next big milestone that I mark will probably be 333,333 views. I expect that it will be more than a year from now before I reach that milestone.

I could however celebrate a milestone that will come before the end of the week. This is post number 1497, so post number 1500 is close at hand.

Now for some sleep to help fight the jet lag.



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