Vacation at the Dig Review – Week 2

Yesterday I shared a review of the first week of my vacation at the dig.

See: Vacation at the Dig Review – Week 1

Tonight I will continue with the second week.

Jerusalem Walls, Ramparts WalkOn our second Saturday in Jerusalem we went on the ramparts walk. We had also walked on the  ramparts last year, but in a different area. See: The Jerusalem Ramparts and The Jerusalem Ramparts II

In the picture above Luke is walking on the ramparts. We had great views of the city from the ramparts.

Sunshade, Dig, Archaeology, Dig Site, Sun protectionOn Sunday it was Back to Work at the Dig. In this post I showed the sequence of raising the shade. Click on the link to see the series of pictures. On Sundays we dig in the afternoon. By the time we get back to our rooms it is time to go to bed so that we can be up the next morning at 4:15.

Pottery Washing, Pottery, Archaeological Dig, Pottery ReadingOn Monday I wrote a post about Pottery Washing. This is an essential chore at the dig as the pottery has to be cleaned so that it can be read.

Pottery washing is a very social time as you have time to talk to the people around you while you brush and brush and brush.

Pottery Reading, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, pottery, archaeological dig, GarfinkelThe next day I wrote about Pottery Reading. Click on the link to learn more about this very important part of the daily schedule. I want to learn more about pottery before I go back to the dig next year.

Square supervisor, Archaeology, sifting, tel lachish, history, school programOn Wednesday I helped with some Survey Squares and also helped work with some kids who came to Tel Lachish to learn about Archaeology. I had a lot of fun supervising them while they were sifting the dirt that we had removed from one of the small squares.

I had a lot of fun with the kids, and of course education is my line of work.

Square, Archaeology, Tel Lachish, Bronze Age, TempleThursday was the Last Day in the Square. We started at ground level and at the end of two weeks this is what our square looked like. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of what it looks like now after almost four weeks. They are still digging deeper looking for answers.

San Francisco Airport, Internation Terminal, SFO, Departures, Airport TerminalVery early Friday morning I boarded the plane at Tel Aviv and then spent the next Sixteen Hours in a Middle Seat before landing at San Francisco. It was good to be home after three weeks on the road.

You can learn more about each day by clicking on the links.

I hope you enjoyed this little review of my vacation.

Now it is time to pack for the next trip as I head in the other direction.






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