Food in Shanghai

I have been in Shanghai now for several days and of course that means I have eaten several meals.

I wrote a post last week about Going Out for Chinese Food, and since my word is my bond and I do what I say that I am going to do I will share pictures of some of the food I have eaten so far this week.

Lunch, Chinese Food, Shanghai Food, Chinese CuisineTake a look at all the food that we had for lunch on Monday. This was lunch for about 10 people. A lot of variety and many different flavors. Of course the food was delicious.

Xian Noodles, Chinese Food, Chinese Cuisine, Noodles, Spicy NoodlesOn Monday night we went out for some delicious Xian Noodles. The noodles were a bit spicy, but more importantly were very delicious. This restaurant is just down the street from the hotel and it will not be the last time I eat there during this trip.

Snacks, Hotel Snacks, Training SnacksAlong with the meals there are snacks during breaks from the training course. They cover a wide range from fruit, desserts, dumplings, savory bites and pastries. They are beautifully presented like these striped donuts. They make me think of zebras.

Chinese lunch, set lunch, Chinese cuisine, Ginger porkHere was my lunch today. Instead of family style we had a choice of set meals. I chose the ginger pork which was very nice. It had more mushrooms than I like to have in a dish, but it was easy to pick around them 🙂

Pork Belly, Chinese Food, Chile Pork, Chinese CuisineHere is just one of the dishes that we had for dinner tonight at a restaurant just across the street from the hotel. This was the first dish that came out. A nice plate of pork belly with chilies. The food was a bit spicy, but a nice spice. This plate was followed by dumplings, beef bones, vegetables, tofu wraps and other delicious dishes. You may see pictures of them show up in future posts.

Now to get some sleep and dream of achievements that I am willing to work for.


Disclaimer: Some of the phrases in this post may be similar to what others have written or said.  I am sure that I am not the first person to write “Here is my lunch today” or “This restaurant is just down the street.”

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