Approaching a Milestone

Sometime today here in Shanghai my blog will pass another milestone. The question is whether it will be passed by the end of the day in my home timezone.

Roman Milestones in the Shephelah - Near Tell Goded or Marasheth Gath

I am posting now as I am not yet back in sync with writing an evening post where I am. I really should have posted something last night, which means I now have to quickly post before leaving for the classroom or miss a post for the day.

In the picture above are some Roman milestones in Israel. You can read a little about them in my post 10K Milestone.

250K Views, Blog Stats, Milestone, Quarter of a Million Views

I am now just a little more than 50 views from 250,000 views on Braman’s Wanderings.

Tonight I plan on writing more about the posts that have helped generate these views.

It is hard to believe that I have had almost a quarter of a million views since I first posted Welcome to Braman’s Wanderings.

Now for a day in the classroom.


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