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A Palace at Gezer

Today in Archaeological circles an article from Ha’aretz has been making the rounds on the internet.

You can read the article here: King Solomon-era Palace Found in Biblical Gezer

Gezer, Israel, Tel Gezer, Steven M. Oritz

Photo from Tel Gezer Excavation Project, Steven M. Ortiz

The lead photo in the article was an aerial photo of the site. You can see the Iron Age gates of Gezer on the left in the picture.

Gezer, Iron Age Gate, Solomonic Gate, Six Chamber GateSince I had used a picture of the Iron Age gates in my post A Geezer went to Gezer, I thought I would check and see if I also had pictures of the excavations of the palace.

Luke Chandler and I visited Gezer last year while we were digging at Lachish.

Luke also wrote a blog post about the discovery today: 10th Century BC “Solomonic” Palace Found at Gezer

Tel Gezer, Solomonic Palace, Iron Age Palace, Gezer 2015I could tell from the picture in the article that it was probably not the work of one season of digging and I also remembered that there were some fresh excavations last year when we visited.

Sure enough, I had some pictures of the dig site. Here you can see that quite a bit of the palace was already unearthed last year. This was most likely at the beginning of their season so most of this would have been from 2014.

Palace at Gezer, Tel Gezer, Solomonic Palace, ArchaeologyThis picture was taken from just near the Iron Age gates. You can see that quite a bit had been uncovered. If you compare this picture with the picture from the article you can match up some of the features.

It is always exciting to learn more about excavations that you have visited in the past.

We had planned on visiting Gezer again this year as it was one of the site trips from our dig. We missed out on the trip and didn’t get to see the new excavations, but that is another story that may or may not be told in the future.

Geezer at Gezer, Standing Stone, Cultic CenterI had hoped to get another picture with the standing stones of Gezer. I guess I will have to go back again next year 🙂



Nature Walk in Germany

Tonight I was looking for an idea for a post. My first idea was missing a few needed pictures that I thought I had taken, but alas they weren’t in my camera.

Other ideas struck out as well and finally I decided to look at what pictures I took one year ago today.

German Countryside, Jena, Germany, Long walk, pondOne year ago today I took A Long Walk in the German Countryside near Jena, Germany. I decided to share some more pictures from the walk.

Here is a pond that I passed along the way. I really like the reflections in the pond and it seemed so peaceful.

Stream, Rock Walls, Germany, Jena, CountrysideThe pond was fed by a small stream and luckily the path that I was following also followed the stream. In some places the stream was lined with stone walls. They were very picturesque, especially with the moss growing on the stones.

Bee Hives, Germany, Thuringia, Woods, Nature ReserveIn one clearing along the path I saw some colorful boxes. You may know that these are bee hives. I am not sure if I have ever seen a group of hives as colorful as these. They are usually just white. However, I just looked at my post Flowing with Honey and there is a picture there that shows some hives of different colors. Just not quite so colorful as these.

Nature Preserve, Germany, Thuringia, Jena, Germany, CountrysideI really liked the owl on this sign. I saw this sign in several different places. My Universal Translator is coming up with Nature Preserve Area if I use the camera. If I type in Naturschutzgebiet it comes back as Nature Reserve. You must remember that German has some long compound words and they will not fit on the signs without hyphens 🙂

In any case both mean roughly the same thing.

Lederhosen, Suspenders, Walk in the countrysideI really like this picture. Also out for a walk was an older man with lederhosen and suspenders. Unfortunately the picture is a bit dark, but it brings back memories.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from my Nature Walk.

Now for some sleep before an early morning conference call with colleagues in Germany.