To Germany and Israel

My next wanderings will be to Jena, Germany and Lachish, Israel.

Clifford the Big Red Suitecase, Packing Formula, How to Pack a SuitcaseSolving The Packing Formula will be a bit difficult for this trip as it is a mix of business and vacation.

I have to pack some clothes for working in the office and then clothes to work in the field at the dig site. Two opposite sets of clothes.

Jena, Germany, Skyline, Jenoptik, Intershop, Planetarium, German SkylineI am looking forward to my visit to Jena, as it is one of my favorite cities in the world. However, it will be a very quick trip with only four nights in the hotel. Then it is back to Frankfurt to meet up with the dig team at the airport on Friday morning.

Stilbruch, Jena, Wagnergasse, Restaurant, German Food, Thuringian FoodHowever, I should have time to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like Restauration Stilbruch and Roter Hirsch.

Leckere Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelhaus, Jena, Germany, PaintingI may even make it to The Kartofelhaus, but I may not have enough meals to spread around to all of my favorites.

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Sunset, Mount of OlivesFrom Frankfurt I will head to Jerusalem for the weekend. We will get in a good day of sightseeing on Saturday.

Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, wheelbarrow, Tools, Picks, TrowelsThen on Sunday the hard work begins as we head off to Lachish and start our two weeks At The Dig.

Canaanite Gate, Bronze Age Gate, Tel Ashkelon, Arched Gate, Mud Brick GateAt the very end of my stay in Israel I will spend a couple days in Ashkelon and also get the chance to participate in the dig there with two of my friends who are archaeologists.

I am looking forward to getting the trip started. Now to finish packing 🙂


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