Views of Jena

My next trip will be to one of my favorite cities in the world. It is also a city that I have not visited for many years. I am starting to look forward to the trip so will share a few pictures from Jena, Germany tonight.

I am tired out from a week of teaching, so will keep the commentary to a minimum.

Ferris Wheel - Jena, Germany - All City Festival - Altstadtfest - CarnivalHere is a picture of a Ferris Wheel in Jena. I used this picture in my post Another Ferris Wheel. Click on the link to the post to read more about the festival it was there for.

Jena, Germany, Skyline, Jenoptik, Intershop, Planetarium, German SkylineJena has a nice skyline for a small city. This is an interesting assemblage of buildings. The square shaped tower to the right was the first skyscraper in Germany.

Stadtkirche, St. Michaels, Jena, Germany, Luther, TravelHere is St. Michael which is the stadtkirche or city church in Jena.

There is an interesting gravestone in this church building. You can read more about it by clicking on the following link: Reformation Day II

Jena Germany, Jena, Sunset, Intershop Tower, Skyscraper, ZeissI will close with a sunset picture as I get ready to post this and get some rest.

I am looking forward to similar views during my next trip to Jena.


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