Packing Yet Again

It have packed my suitcase many times this year and it is getting packed yet again.

As I mentioned yesterday The Packing Formula is a bit different this time.

Dig Boots, Lachish, steel toed boots, work boots, wolverineThis time the formula is more complex as this is a combination business/vacation trip. The longer part of the trip needs the inputs from Dig Packing, but the formula is definitely complicated by the business travel inputs.

I am limiting some of the items that I usually take on a business trip, but I can’t eliminate everything. We are also filming some videos which means that I can’t wear my ratty old shirts that I am taking on the dig.

Plus it will be cold and rainy in Germany and hot and sunny in Israel. Luckily I have a rain jacket that folds up nice and flat.

Empty Suitcase, Packing, packing formula, Trip, TravelThe suitcase looked like this a couple days ago, but it is now almost full. I may even need to open up the expansion zipper to get just a little more room.

I did weigh the suitcase and I am still way under my limit. With my priority I can check two suitcases of up to 70 pounds each. Of course, I don’t want to take two suitcases. It has to all go in one.

The suitcase is almost packed and is still a bit under 50  pounds, so I have plenty of wiggle room left in the formula.

I am also packing a bit different this year. Last  year I carried my boots with me onto the plane, but this year they are going into the suitcase. They take up a lot of room, but they are stuffed with four pair of socks apiece.

The suitcase will probably come back home a bit lighter as I plan on throwing away a few items during the trip. But, I will also be acquiring a few t-shirts and most likely a few other items.

I guess I can always buy another bag while in Israel and check two bags on the way home 🙂

Damascus Gate, Old City Jerusalem, Dig TripA week from now on Friday evening we will be wheeling our bags over the sidewalks of Jerusalem on the way to our hotel. Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, wheelbarrow, Tools, Picks, TrowelsThen on Sunday afternoon it will be time to lace up our boots, grab some tools and start working in our square at Lachish.

What will we find this year?



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