Return to Lachish

My return to Lachish for another dig season is getting closer. Of course, I do not get to stay for the entire six week dig season, but I do get to be there for two weeks.

Lachish Israel, City Gates, Tel Lachish, ArchaeologyThis was the view from the bus as we were leaving the site last year after our final day at the dig. See: Last Day at the Dig

I am looking forward to seeing this view again in just over a month.

The trip has been coming together as I now have my flights booked. The tickets were a bit complicated as I will be in Germany the week before. However, I will meet my dig mates at the airport in Frankfurt so there will be no worries about meeting up with them in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem Mosaic Map - Madaba, Jordan - Mosaic Floor - Copy of Mosaic Map - 6th Century Jerusalem - BARWe will spend the first two nights in Jerusalem and then we will travel to Lachish to dig on Sunday afternoon.

Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, Dig, Archaeology, LachishThis was my first view of our square last year. It will be interesting to see where we will be digging this year. I know that they found a lot of interesting things after we left last year and will most likely have new squares planned out for us to excavate.

Western Wall, Shabat, Sabbath, Holy PlaceAfter a week of digging we will go back to Jerusalem for the weekend.

Dig at Lachish, Last day, Lachish, Archaeology, SquareAfter a weekend of being able to sleep in a bit we will be back at Lachish digging down through history.

Picture Shade, Archaeology, Lachish, Humor, Blocking SunI am looking forward to seeing people who were on the dig last year. We worked hard, but also had a lot of fun. Here we are last year helping to block the sun while the photographer was taking pictures of our finds. See: Photography at the Dig

I have already heard from a few people who were at the dig last year. Some will be there again, but others have moved on to new adventures or new stages in their life.

After the two weeks at the dig it will be time to head back home. However, I am working on the details of another little adventure that will take place before I go to the airport.

I am getting excited about the dig, but first I have other wanderings to attend to.

Look for where I will be next week. I will let you know soon.



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