Star Spangled CupCakes

Just in time for the summer holidays Hostess has introduced another Limited Edition snack cake.

Star Spangled Cup Cakes, Hostess, Snack Cake, 4th of JulyStar Spangled CupCakes look like they would be perfect for a 4th of July picnic or BBQ.

Even better, they would make a great snack for Flag Day.

CupCakes, Frostning, Spangles, Sprinkles, Yellow CakeOf course the cakes come individually wrapped. The frosting on these CupCakes is a bit fragile. It did not take much to damage the frosting unlike some of the other cakes.

Frosting, Star Spangled, CupCakes, HostessI am not sure exactly what is different with the frosting, but it is definitely different. It seemed a bit thinner and not as moist. Maybe this is what makes it fragile.

The CupCakes usually come in one of two types. Either they have a squiggle or squiggles like the Hostess BASEBALL CupCakes or sprinkles like the Candy Corn CupCakes or Pumpkin Spice CupCakes.

This one of course has sprinkles. The one thing that is usually true about the ones with sprinkles is that they are not consistent in how they are sprinkled. Of course that is the nature of sprinkles, but they are usually not this inconsistent.

Star Spangled CupCakes, Sprinkles, Creme FillingHere is the inside of one of the CupCakes. You have a nice yellow cake with a creme filling. Here you can also see that the sprinkles are all over the place.

Overall, the Star Spangled CupCakes do remind me of the 4th of July and they have a good taste.

Are you ready for Flag Day and the 4th of July?



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