St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and many people will be thinking of the Irish.

I do have Irish heritage, but it is Protestant instead of Catholic. However, since the day is mainly just about being Irish and has minimal religious significance today I will celebrate my Irish heritage.

I have written several other posts about St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Heritage

Irish Heritage II

Mad as a Hatter?

Absalom Leeper, Mount Pleasant Iowa, Preacher, Christian Church, Pioneer Preacher, Mad as a Hatter - Hat Maker - Trenton, Iowa, Scotch-Irish, IrishYou may wonder what Mad as a Hatter has to do with being Irish. One of my ancestors in an Irish branch of my family was a hatter. See Mad as a Hatter? to learn more about him. Do you know why hatters went mad?

I really like this picture of Absolom Leeper and have used it in several posts. If you follow the links above you can learn more about him.

Corned Beef, Cabbage, St. Patrick's Day, Dublin, CaliforniaI know that I will have some corned beef tomorrow, but it won’t be as good as this delicious meal that I had last year. We are having corned beef in our cafeteria, but I know what it is like as it has been the same for the past years. At least they do think of the day and offer the signature dish.

A History of Ireland, Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry, History, St. Patrick's DayI may read a little bit about the history of Ireland tomorrow. I have this copy of A History of Ireland by Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry. It is in one of my stacks of books to read 🙂

St. Patrick Rose, Rose Bush, Yellow Rose, Rose BloomI was hoping that one of the buds would open on my St. Patrick rose bush. However, it looks like it will be another week or so before the buds will open. At least I have some nice pictures of them to look at.

David R. Leeper, Rushing for Gold, Connie and Peter Roop, Diary, Gold Rush, Irish HeritageWhile looking for another book I ran across this book that also has a connection to one of the Irish branches of my family.

David R. Leeper was the nephew of Absolom Leeper who is shown in the first picture in the post. David is my first cousin five times removed. Or maybe it is easier to say that his is my 3rd great grandfather’s first cousin.

David was in the Gold Rush and wrote a book about his travels. There is more about the book in my post California Gold.

The book shown above is extracted from the book he wrote and is part of a series of books for young readers.

The Diary of David R. Leeper: Rushing for Gold is edited by Connie and Peter Roop. This is a wonderful book for young children who want to learn more about the Gold Rush.

Someday I should write a post just about this book and the life of David R. Leeper. He led a very interesting life.



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