The Altamont Parking Lot

Tonight coming home from work was not a lot of fun.

As I left work I checked my traffic app and it did not look too bad. However as I approached to Altamont ascent I heard sirens and emergency vehicles were working their way through the express lanes.

Of course I took another look at my traffic app and there had indeed been an accident. However, the alternate routes would only save me about five minutes so I decided to stay the course.

Often when there is an accident the side roads fill up quickly and you end up spending more time and frustration avoiding an accident that quickly clears.

 Commute, Bad Commute, Accident, Parking Lot, trafficTraffic was not too bad until I got close to the top of the pass. Then it ground to a halt. A helicopter passed overhead and I then understood why the traffic was coming to a halt.

The first stop was not too long, but I took advantage of the short time to take a few pictures of the green hills and windmills.

Country, Ranch, Altamont Hills, Green Hills, CattleHere you can see some of the few and far between trees in the Altamont Hills. They are growing around a watering hole and you could also see cattle grazing around them.

We were soon moving slowly again, but it didn’t take long until the Altamont became a parking lot. I shut off my engine as did many people around me. We didn’t start moving again until about 5-10 minutes later.

Tanker Truck, Replections, Altamont, Traffic Jam, Accident, CommuteI was parked by a tanker truck and took advantage of the time to take a few more pictures. I got some interesting reflection pictures of the shiny tank on the truck. If you look closely you can see my car and even me taking the picture.

I also took the time to look at my traffic app to see what was going on. The accident took place in a tight section of the highway where their was no room to set the helicopter down off to the side. They had to run a traffic break to clear the road so that the helicopter could land and pick up someone injured in the crash.

After traffic started moving it cleared out quickly.  By the time I passed where the accident took place there was absolutely no sign that anything had happened.

My overall delay ended up only being about 15-20 minutes and may have been just as long on the side roads.

St. Patrick Rose Bud. Irish DayIn my St. Patrick’s Day post from yesterday I mentioned that I had been hoping that my St. Patrick roses would be blooming by today.

This is how close they are to opening up. You can see that it will only be a few more days before the bud will start opening up into a beautiful rose.

Fish and Chips, Fish Sticks, Potato Creamers, Roasted PotatoesFor my dinner tonight I had planned on having some potatoes since we often think of Irish and potatoes at the same time. I had not thought what to have with them, but then decided to do a little twist on fish and chips and have fish sticks with roasted potatoes.

A better tasting meal than my lunch of corned beef and cabbage.

Now on to Friday and then the last weekend of winter.


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