Beware the Ides ….

“beware the Ides of March.”

Today was the Ides of March. Of course, today we do not need to beware of them, this was something for Julius Caesar.

Fall of the Roman Republic, Plutarch, Rome, Gaius Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar, CiceroThis book tells more about the events that led up to that fateful day. I share more about Fall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch in my post Historic Book Acquisitions IV.

Today we remember that the Ides of March was the day that Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus. He had been warned by the seer Spurinna that harm would come to him by the Ides of March. It took until the last day for this warning to come to pass.

Although historians discuss when exactly the Roman Republic ended, this is one defining moment of that end.

As I write this I have been listening to Respighi’s The Pines of Rome. The final movement of this piece, The Pines of the Appian Way, recalls the glory of the Roman Republic which ended with Julius Caesar. This is totally by chance as my i-Tunes is set to randomly play pieces from my collection of classical music.

Authors Card Game - William Shakespeare - Whitman - Anne Wales Abbott - Julius CaesarI also thought of this card from my Authors Card Game.

Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar used the exact words that we often quote today when referring to the Ides of March.

I thought about reading some of Julius Caesar tonight, but decided that I know what happened and I can read Shakespeare some other time.

Pi Day, Peperoni Pizza, Pizza PieHowever, since I am thinking of Rome and Italy and yesterday was Pi Day I decided to have some pizza for dinner tonight. It is cooling on the counter now so I will close this post out and go enjoy it.





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