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Thinking of Singapore

My mind has wandered to Singapore tonight as there is a chance that I may be wandering there later this year.

Singapore Flyer - Ferris Wheel - Singapore - Tallest Ferris Wheel - Singapore FerryOne of the memories from my last trip was taking a river cruise on the weekend. The cruise was on an amphibious duck boat, but I did see some nice looking ferries.

In the background you can see the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore, Haw Par Villa, lily pads, reflectionsHere is an interesting picture that I took at a park in Singapore. This has some really neat elements. The reflection in the water on the left and the ripples on the right. In between are the bright green small lily pads.

silhouettes, Singapore, beach, palm tree, sunsetI like the silhouettes in this picture. The palm tree and the girl are the focus of the picture, but you can also see a long line of cargo ships silhouetted on the horizon. When you walk along the coast the ships are a constant presence as they wait their turn to unload at the harbor.

Singapore, architecture, colonial, flower powerThere is an interesting neighborhood in the older part of Singapore where there is a group of colorfully painted buildings. The buildings are from the colonial period and are very ornate. Kite, Singapore, Kite Flying, Ocean WindsWhen I think of Singapore I also think of this picture. The last time I was there I saw a man flying a kite on the beach. The kite was whizzing all over the place as the man took advantage of the strong ocean winds.

I hope that I do get to go to Singapore as it has been way too long since my last visit there. I am now thinking about some of the wonderful food in Singapore. I may have to write another post soon about some of the food.

Have you been to Singapore?


Arbor Day

Today was Arbor Day. Someday I want to write a post about the history and significance of Arbor Day, but this is not that day. I am too tired.

I will say that I have some great memories of visiting Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City which was the home of Julius Sterling Morton who was the originator of Arbor Day in America.

Tonight I will share some pictures of trees or tree related items, which is what Arbor Day is all about.

Tree Guide, Julia Ellen Rogers, Trees East of the Rockies, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1926While looking for tree pictures I ran across this picture that I shared in a post titled Old Nature Guides.

Black Locust Tree, Backyard, Grass, Lawn, SpringHere is one of the trees in my backyard. This is from several years ago when it was just about a year old.

Picnic Bench, Tree, Rowntree Mill Park, Toronto, CanadaArbor Day makes me think about big old trees like this one in Rowan Mills Park in Toronto.

Orchard, Barn, Cloudy Day, Overcast Day, Sunday Afternoon WalkOf course Arbor Day is about planting and caring for trees, so it also makes me think of my friends’ walnut orchard that is just in the beginning stages.

Pick up sticks, lay them straight, mulching, pruningI sometimes help out in the orchard like when I helped pick up sticks. See my post: Five, Six, Pick up Sticks

Red Tree - Fall Color - Fall Foliage - California Color - Red TreeOf course one of my favorite times of year to see trees is in the fall when they are full of color. This is a beautiful tree that is front of my office.

Arbor Day also makes me think of one of my favorite books. Click on the following link, A White Bird Flying, to find out why I think of this book on Arbor Day.

I also saw some trees that were waiting to be planted when I drove by a park on the way home.

Have you ever planted a tree on Arbor Day?