Home to Spring II

Last weekend I came Home to Spring. Although I was starting to see Signs of Spring in Shanghai, here it is definite that Spring has Sprung.

Spring Roses, Yellow Floribunda Roses, Yellow Roses, Spring, CaliforniaThe first thing that caught my eye as I pulled into the driveway was my yellow floribunda rose bush. The bush was full of beautiful yellow blooms.

In my post Spring has Sprung that I wrote just before I left on my trip, I shared a picture of the first rose on this bush. There were a quite a few buds on the bush, but only a couple of blooms. Now it is quite full of color.

St. Patrick Rose, Yellow Rose, Spring Rose, Rose BloomingThere were also a few blooms on my St. Patrick rose bush. I really love the yellow blooms on this bush. The bloom will open further, but this is usually when it looks the best.

Purple Blooms, Purple Robe Locust, Idaho Locust, Robinia Ambigua, My Purple Robe Locust is also in full bloom. The blooms look so pretty in the sun.

Black Locust, Bumblebee, Polination, SpringIn my backyard my Black Locust tree was also full of blooms. The trees were also full of bees who were busy pollinating the blooms. You can possibly find the bee in the picture above. If you want to see some nice pictures of the bees, you can check out my post: Busy Bees

Black Locust Tree, Backyard, Grass, Lawn, SpringHere is the other tree in my backyard. It has really added a bunch of leaves in the past two weeks. As I look at this picture, I realize that I should have mowed the yard last Saturday or Sunday. I will blame it on the jet lag I have had all week.

I may not be able to mow my yard this weekend as a very welcome rain storm is in the forecast. Maybe I will get lucky and have some time before the rain starts.

I am glad that the work week is about over. I need some sleep šŸ™‚



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