Meet the Presidents

Last fall my little sister contacted me and told me that she had found an interesting item that I might like.

Meet the Presidents, Game, Board Game, Selchow and RighterOf course she was right. She had found a board game called Meet the Presidents.

The board game is the first edition from 1950 and was produced by Selchow & Righter Co. of New York.

Selchow & Righter, Board Games, Games, PresidentsWhen I opened the box it had two of the original game catalogs with it. There are some interesting games in the catalogs. Meet the Presidents is the most expensive game in the catalog. However, that is for the De Luxe edition that has gold coins instead of silver. The De Luxe edition was listed for $3.50 and the standard edition that I have is only $3.00.

The catalog includes Parcheesi which is one of the two best know games that were distributed by Selchow and Righter. They had distributed Parcheesi since 1870.

The catalog did not include Scrabble as Selchow and Righter did not purchase the manufacturing rights until 1952.

Presidential Coins, Meet the Presidents, Selchow and RighterHere are the silver coins for each of the presidents. They start with George Washington and end with Harry Truman.

Meet the Presidents, Board Game, Selchow and Righter, Game BoardHere is the game board. Each player had a quarter of the board and would advance their coins one at a time around the edge by answering trivia questions about the presidents. The first person to put eight presidents in the White House wins the game.

Game Spinner, Meet the Presidents, Selchow and Righter, Board Games, Trivia GamesThe spinner is not in the best shape, but all the questions are readable along with the answers. The arrow itself is broken and also does not move well enough to spin. Perhaps some WD-40 would free it up, but I will probably just leave it as it is.

The box is missing two sides, but the important part of the box that has the instructions is intact.

This is definitely an interesting piece of gaming history that will stay tucked away in my archives.

I am thinking that if I ever wanted to play the game I could use my Marx Presidents as game pieces instead of the coins.




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