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A Rainy Day in Toronto

Today was a rainy day in Toronto.

Rainy Day, Tim Hortons, Toronto, Canada

I started out my day by walking to Tim Hortons in the rain to get breakfast. I was not going to eat the overpriced hotel breakfast, and I am in Canada. I had to have my breakfast at Tim Hortons.

Fireplace, Westin Prince, Toronto, Rainy Day

Of course since it was a rainy day it would have been nice to just curl up in front of a fireplace for the day instead of teaching a course.

This is the fireplace in the hotel lobby at the Westin Prince. It was tempting, but it was time to check out and finish the course.

Umbrellas, Rainy Day, Toronto Rain, Coke Machine

You could tell it was a rainy day when going into the break room. I had to fight through the umbrellas to get my morning drink. It is interesting to see open umbrellas drying. This is usually not the case in the US, but I see it around the world.

Fox & Fiddle, Lunch, York Mills, Toronto

It was still raining when we went to lunch. We had our lunch at the Fox & Fiddle. I had some good Butter Chicken for lunch.

Rainy Commute, 401 Toronto, Traffic, Rainy DayIt was then back to the classroom to finish up and then it was off to the 401 and commute traffic. The manager took me to my friends’ house and then he was off to the airport to drop off a couple of students before heading home.

The traffic was not good, but it didn’t drag too much as we had some good conversations in the car as we poked along.

I was remembering the same commute from last October when we had a Colorful Commute.

I then had a nice evening with my friends and enjoyed a nice dinner. Now for some sleep before enjoying a nice vacation day and the weekend before heading home.

Will I see some snow? It is in the forecast.


Eating and Reading

When I am traveling I am often eating and reading in the evening. As most of my meals are alone when I am on the road I usually have a book in hand. Because of this I usually try and order something that is easily eaten with one hand.

Mr. Greek, Pork, potatoes, Reading MealThe meal that I had last night at Mr. Greek was not too bad as the skewered meat was in small pieces. It is also easy to eat salad with one hand. The potatoes caused a bit of a problem, but I managed.

When Britain Burned the White House, War of 1812, Peter SnowI have been reading When Britain Burned the White House: The 1814 Invasion of Washington by Peter Snow during evening meals this week.

To see more about this book see my post: Historic Book Acquisitions V

It is interesting to read this book here in Toronto as the invasion of Washington was in retaliation of the burning of the capital of Upper Canada in 1813. At that time Toronto was known as York.

Chicken Bacon Wrap, Tim Hortons, Dinner, Reading MealTonight my food was a little easier to eat. I had a Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap at Tim Hortons. The wrap was in a nice sleeve that made it easy to hold in one hand and eat.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, Tim HortonsYou can see the chicken in this shot down the sleeve. The sleeve has a tear strip that opens it up and then you have a holder for the wrap so that your hand stays clean.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, Tim Hortons, Easy to eat food.I liked the taste of this wrap and it is definitely something that I would order again if I was at a Tim Hortons for lunch or dinner.

Of course, for those of you who know me it doesn’t take a road trip for me to be reading while eating. Unless I am having meals with friends I usually have a book in hand while eating. Why waste good reading time 🙂