A Beautiful Sunday

Today was a beautiful Sunday. The pictures that I share tonight will give you just a glimpse into the beauty as it is difficult to capture with only a still image.

Blossoms, Plum Blossoms, FebruaryI will start with a picture of the plum tree in my side yard. The blossoms are already opening. What is difficult to share is the way that the branches were swaying in the wind and the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees.

Rose Bush, First Foliage, Rose Leaves, Spring RosesHere you can see that my rose bushes are already full of leaves. It will not be long before I can start looking for buds that will turn into beautiful blossoms. I could have taken many more pictures but needed to get to worship to teach my class. Today was our last class in my Walls of Jericho series. We ended the class with a lesson on Boaz and Ruth. A lesson on courtship and marriage was a good topic for Valentine’s Day.

Sierra Mountain Range, Mountains, Snow Covered mountains, Great ValleyThis picture was taken while I was driving down I-5 at 70 miles an hour, so did not get lined up as well as it could have been. I simply turned on my camera, aimed it to the east and snapped a picture. The camera does not begin to capture what I could see with the naked eye. The Sierras looked like they were not far away. Today was one of those rare days when you could see the mountains on the other side of the Central Valley. If you look closely you can see the line of mountains with snow covered peaks.

Almond Blossoms, Central Valley, Spring, OrchardsIn this picture you can also see the Sierras, but what I like here is what looks like snow on the valley floor. These are not snow covered fields, but rather almond orchards blossoming. The orchards are so pretty this time of year.

I kept my eyes on the road as much as possible, but also enjoyed the beautiful landscape as I drove toward Patterson.

Sierras, Mountains, Snow Capped Peaks, Orchards, patterson, Old BarnHere is a better view of the Sierra mountain range with the snow covered peaks. I went to the orchard for lunch today and took some pictures at maximum zoom to try and capture the beauty of the day. However, it is hard to capture a 70 degree day with a heavy breeze or the smells of the country. Of course some farmland smells are not inviting, but they bring back so many memories that they only enhance the beauty of the day.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my beautiful Sunday,


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