Election Logos

Since this is a weekend that honors our presidents, I thought about this scarf that my little sister found for me.

Election logos, scarf, elections, presidential logosMy sister is often on the lookout for things that I may find interesting.

Meet the Presidents, Game, Board Game, Selchow and RichterYou may remember my post on Meet the Presidents, this was also something that she found for me.

This scarf is very interesting as it has campaign logos from some of the presidential elections.

Some of them were from winning campaigns, while others were from loosing campaigns.

Campaign logo scarf, presidents, republicanThe scarf is sectioned into Republican and Democrat. Here is the Republican side with logos for Harding, Roosevelt, Goldwater, Hoover, Willkie, Taft, Nixon, Coolidge, Eisenhower, McKinley and Reagan.

Presidential Logos, Democrat candidates, scarf, logosThe Democrat side has McGovern, Humphrey, Wilson, Bryan, Cox, Davis, Stevenson, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy and Roosevelt.

Campaign logos, presidential campaigns, Logo scarf, Western TextileOne of the first things that I tried to do was find out how old the scarf was. The latest logo was Reagan in ’84, so I know that it is at least from the mid 80’s. The Crafted With Pride in U.S.A logo was created in 1986, so this is another indication.

There were several things which were interesting about this scarf. One was that the ‘k’ in McKinley was not capitalized. I was also not able to find this specific logo anywhere. I am also a little suspect of the origin of the scarf. It says that it is made by Western Textile in Greenville Sc. However, little things like the city not being listed as Greenville, SC makes me think maybe this is a badly put together import from somewhere else. I must do more research.


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