Chinese New Year Dinner

Today was Chinese New Year so I decided that I needed to have some Chinese Food for dinner.

Shanghai Dumplings, Minced Pork, Chinese Food, Chinese New YearI was busy at work today so was not able to go have a Chinese New Year Lunch like I had last year. I really enjoyed the Shanghai dumplings that I had last year.

Chinese New Year, Hair Cut, Beard, Overdue HaircutI had already made an appointment to get a much needed haircut so had to get that done before I could go get some Chinese Food for dinner. I also decided that it was time to trim the beard since spring is already showing signs of springing here in California.

Hair Cut, Beard Trim, New Year Hair CutHere I am post hair cut. It had been three months since my last haircut and I had been on four continents and flown more than 50,000 miles. Definitely time for a hair cut.

Panda Express, Chinese New Year, Red Packet, Chop sticks, American Chinese FoodFor dinner I went to Panda Express and had black pepper chicken and string bean chicken. A healthier choice than the orange chicken that I almost decided on. You can see that Panda Express was giving out red envelopes. I opened mine up and it had coupons for a future visit. A nice little treat.

I can’t say that I had anything real similar to this in China last month, but it did follow the theme of vegetables and spicy sauces. Definitely some good American style Chinese food.

Xian Noodles, Bowl of Noodles, Xian Noodle ShopI would have rather had a bowl of these great Xian Noodles.

However, I did enjoy the meal while thinking of my many friends who celebrate the Chinese or Lunar New Year.

Chinese New Year, New Year Tree, Paper Cuttings, Red and Yellow, ChinaSo Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends. May you all have a great year!


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