Walking and Listening

Tonight I was back walking again. I have been lax during the last week and a half and have not been getting my 10,000 steps a day. Mostly because I have not been feeling good, but now the residual cough is all but gone and it is time to get active again.

While walking I have been listening through the Bible on my Bible app. My goal is to listen through the entire Bible while walking before the end of the year. A very attainable goal if I keep up with my walking. However, I can only listen when I have a cell signal so I was unable to make progress while in England and China. However, I started in October so have already made quite a bit of progress. I am currently listening to I Kings.

Worship Site at Tel Dan - Golden Calf - Jeroboam - AltarAs I listen to the Bible I often have images from my trips to Israel come to mind. It helps me to better understand what is going on. Tonight in I Kings 11 I listened to the account of King Jeroboam setting up the golden calves in Dan and Bethel. The picture above is where the altar to the golden calf was in Dan. You can read more about this in my post North of Galilee.

Abel Beth-Maacah, Joab, Abel, Sheba, Archaeology, Dig SiteA couple weeks ago I was listening to II Samuel 20 and thought about visiting Abel of Beth-maacah. This is where Sheba’s head was thrown out to Joab after he besieged the city.

The picture above is from my visit there last summer. I need to write another post sharing some pictures of the excavations taking place there. You can read an earlier post I wrote about what happened there by clicking on Tel-Abel.

Gibeonite Deception - Gibeon Israel - Joshua - Nebi Samwil - Conquest of IsraelAnother place that I have thought about while listening is Nebi Samwil. The site overlooks the ruins of the city of Gibeon and could be the location of the Heights of Gibeon where Solomon was when God appeared to him in a dream and he asked for wisdom. There are also many events in the life of David that take place in and around Gibeon. See my post: Unfolding History

Gezer, Iron Age Gate, Solomonic Gate, Six Chamber Gate

Tonight as I was listening I caught the name Gezer. It was included in a list of places where King Solomon used forced labor. Gezer had been captured by Pharaoh and given to Solomon as a wedding gift. In the picture above is the Iron Age gate at Gezer. For more pictures from Gezer visit my post A Geezer went to Gezer.

City of David excavations, Jerusalem, King David, ArchaeologyWhen I listened to events from David’s life I often thought of a day that we spent Over, Under and Around Jerusalem during my first trip to Jerusalem. Especially the trip through the City of David excavations on our way to visit part of the water system.

I look forward to listening through the rest of the Kings and Chronicles as many places where I have been will be mentioned. I can then visualize some of the places where the events take place as I listen to the accounts.

Hopefully I will get a lot of walking in over the next couple of weeks and get back on track with my exercise and listening.




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