Chinese New Year Lunch

Today was the Chinese New Year, so a colleague and I went out to lunch at the Koi Palace Express at the Ulferts Center in Dublin.

It was also nice to get a good taste of authentic Chinese food before my trip to China next month.

You know that you are going to get good Chinese food when you walk into a restaurant and everyone eating there is Chinese or Asian.

Stir Fried Rice Rolls, Koi Palace Express, Ulferts Center, Chinese New YearWe started the meal with some nice rice rolls. The rice rolls were stir fried and then topped with chili oil and dried scallops.

They were very delicious.

Fried Noodles, Duck, Vegetables, Chinese Food, Chinese New YearThe first main dish to come out looked very pretty. This dish starts with a layer of deep fried rice noodles that are then topped with assorted vegetables and pieces of duck.

This was also very delicious. I really liked the deep fried noodles, especially when they were covered with the rich flavorful sauce.

Beef Soup, Chinese Food, Koi Palace Express, Chinese New Year LunchWe also had a nice pot of beef soup. You can probably tell that this was a bit spicy. The beef was also tender and had a lot of flavor and was complemented by some nice vegetables. It looks like there are potatoes in this dish, but they are actually a delicious root vegetable.

Shanghai Dumplings, Minced Pork, Chinese Food, Chinese New YearThese beautiful little Shanghai dumplings brought back memories of eating dumplings in Shanghai. They are filled with a minced pork ball and broth. You have to be careful eating these or the broth will squirt all over the place. The best way to eat them is to put the entire dumpling in your mouth and then break it open and let the delicious broth seep out.

We also had some nice hot tea and enjoyed watching the different dishes come out to the tables. One of the things that I really like about a nice Chinese restaurant is the presentation of the food.

Fire Works - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksIt is traditional to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Fireworks, so I thought that I would add some to the end of this post.

The restaurant was packed because of the Chinese New Year. There is also a Koi Palace at Ulferts Center which has a full menu of choices. Very authentic and definitely more of a sit down restaurant. I am sure that it was very full today.

The Koi Palace Express has only a small dining area with about 10-15 tables that seat four people. I noticed however that they are getting ready to expand into the neighboring space. They are a very popular lunch spot.

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends!



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