Chinese New Year Dinner II

Today is the Chinese New Year, so I decided to go get some Chinese food tonight. Of course it was not as authentic as I would have liked.

Panda Express, Chinese New YearHowever, Panda Express does have decent American style Chinese food, so that is where I headed.

To see some pictures of some authentic Chinese food, see my post from last year. Chinese New Year Dinner

Chinese New Year, Panda Express, Drink CupI would have much rather had some nice hot Chinese tea, but at least they had a flavored iced tea. The cup has a nice design on it just for the New Year.

Panda Express, Chopsticks, orange chicken, string bean chickenI was not as good as I was last year. This year I decided to have some orange chicken along with the healthier string bean chicken. Of course I had to get some chopsticks. I need the practice as I will be eating a lot of Asian food during my next wandering.

Panda Express, Fortune Cookie, American InventionOf course, when you have Chinese food in America you get a fortune cookie. Did you know that this is a California invention? You do not get fortune cookies in China.

Fortune, News of the World, Julette JilesI had a nice fortune:

Speak less of your plans.

You will get more of them done.

This is a very wise saying and the more I think about it the more it seems true.

Of course I was Eating and Reading, and my book for tonight was News of the World by Paulette Jiles. I am really enjoying this book and recommend it if you enjoy Historical Fiction.

Red Envelope, Coupons, Panda Express, New YearsI also got a red envelope 红包 with some coupons for a future visit. The red is for luck and it is traditional to give red envelopes on New Years Day in China.

Now to send a few greetings to my Chinese friends, even though it is already tomorrow there 🙂


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