More Taronga Zoo

Tonight I thought I would share a few more images from the Taronga Zoo.

Koala Bear, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Austrlia

One of the first exhibits at the zoo is the koalas. They are very popular since they are native to Australia. However, they are often hard to see as they hide in the leaves of the trees and sleep a lot.

Red Kangaroos, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, ZooHere are a couple of red kangaroos. They are the largest of the kangaroos. They can be more than six feet tall and weigh more than 200 pounds. I don’t think I would want to run into a mad kangaroo.

Plains Zebra, Taronga Zoo, Zebra, StripesHere is a plains zebra. Did you know that each zebra has a unique pattern or stripes? Here you get a good view of the stripes across the whole side of the zebra.

Pelecanus conspicillatus, Australian Pelican, Taronga Zoo, PelicanI like this picture of an Australian pelican. This is one of the largest pelicans, and also has the longest beak of any bird. The beak can be up to 1.6 feet long.

I also like the ducks that are swimming around in the water behind the pelican. How many can you see?

Turkey, Thanksgiving, Wild Turkey

I also saw this beautiful wild turkey walking around the pathways. I really love the coloring of the feathers. I guess it was not concerned about the upcoming turkey day since it was in a zoo in Australia. It made me think of the turkey feast I will be missing later this week.

I hope you enjoyed some more pictures from the zoo.


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