Zoo with a View

Which zoo gives their animals the best views of their surroundings? From my experience, it is the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. When I visited the Taronga Zoo, I was impressed with the views of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House. Of course, the zoo also has great exhibits and habitat for their animals. But, you can not ignore the fantastic views.

One of the first animals that you see at the Taronga Zoo when you get off of the Sky Safari are the giraffes.

I like this picture as you have the giraffe in the bottom right and Sydney Tower in the upper left. Both of them have a long thin neck :-).

Another exhibit that caught my eye was the habitat for the Himalayan Tahr.The Himalayan Tahr have a large simulated mountain to climb on. From their resting places on the mountain they have great views of the Sydney Opera House.

You can also view a few of the Taronga Zoo Birds in an earlier post.

Do you know of other zoos that have great views of their surroundings?


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14 Responses to Zoo with a View

  1. Are the animals watching the human zoo or ?

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