Honeycomb Crunch Magnum Bars

When I travel I am always on the lookout for unique Magnum Bars.

Here in Australia I ran across an interesting flavor that I am sure that a few of my friends would really like.

Honeycomb Crunch Magnum, Magnum Bars, Magnum Flavors, AustraliaTonight while at the store shopping for breakfast items I picked up a couple boxes of Magnum Bars. The one that really drew my attention was Honeycomb Crunch.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Magnum Bars and they have been introducing some new flavors to celebrate.

Magnum Bars, Honeycomb Crunch, Ice Cream BarsAfter I arrived home I opened up the box. The back of the bars were up, so I did not yet see the colorful wrappers.

Honeycomb Crunch, 25th Anniversary,  Magnum Bars, Ice CreamThe wrapper looked really nice with the brown and gold coloring. I was getting excited to see what the ice cream bar looked like.

Honeycomb Crunch, Magnum Bars, AustraliaThe Belgian chocolate coating looked really good, especially with the crunches embedded into the surface. By now I was really looking forward to see how this one would taste. Would it taste like honeycomb?

Honeycomb Crunch, Ice Cream, Magnum BarsDoes it look like it tasted like honey? I like the color of the ice cream in contrast with the chocolate. The ice cream was delicious and it really did taste like honey.

Magnum Bar Stick, Magnum, Ice Cream, ChocolateSoon all that was left was the wooden stick. Definitely a thumbs up on this flavor of Magnum Bars.

What is your favorite Magnum Bar flavor?


p.s. The Magnum Bars are not for breakfast, they are for late night snacks 🙂

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