100K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

This morning my blog passed the 100,000 views milestone.

I had been hoping that I would reach the mark before my trip to Turkey.

I had been closely watching the numbers and looking at trends and averages to see if it would get there in time.

At the same time I was watching the mileage on my odometer, and Old Blue passed the 100K mark earlier this week.

99498 views - Blog Views - Blog Stats - Blogging - MilestoneOn Monday I was at 99,498 views when Old Blue made it past 100,000 miles.

Blog Views - 100000 Blog Views - Blog Milestones - 100K ViewsLast night when I wrote my May Day post the counter was at 99,979. I knew that I would pass the 100K mark sometime this morning.

99999 views, blog stats, blog milestones, 100K views, blogging, This morning when I first got up I checked my blog and I was at 99,999. The web page uses the term visits and the stats page uses views.

100,010 views - Blog States - 100K milestone - Blogging - NumbersAbout 20 minutes later the counter had passed the 100K mark. The All time views only updates about every 15-20 minutes, so I couldn’t catch it right at 100,000.

So, what does 100,000 views mean? Not a lot, it means that I have been blogging for a long time and made a lot of posts ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I have written a few posts that get quite a lot of views.

John Miller, Amish MinisterAmish in California? and Amish in Oregon? both get views almost every day and together account for more than 5% of the traffic on my blog. Other Amish posts bring that up to about 10%.

Home Pride Wheat - Butter Top Bread - Flowers Foods - Home Pride is Back - Wheat Bread - Chicago - Milwaukee - Aunt Millie's BakeriesAnother popular group of posts was my quest to find a replacement for Home Pride Wheat bread. I also followed the return to market of the various Hostess products. These posts generated 15-20% of my traffic.

Tell es-Sultan - Walls of Jericho - Joshua - Walls Come Tumbling Down - Rahab - HarlotAnother popular post is about the Walls of Jericho. This is another post that gets almost daily views. I have also written many other posts about Israel and Palestine and altogether they easily account for more that 10% of the views.

Fireworks - 4th of July - Most Liked Posts - Holiday FireworksAt one time my post, Fireworks Memories, received visits almost every day. Then since September there have been only a few visits. Possibly because of the changes that some of the search engines made at about that time.

I had thought about adding in a map of where my visitors are from, but will wait and write another Fun with Flags post sometime soon. I have had visits from more than 150 countries.

It has taken almost exactly two years to reach the 100,000 mark, so I don’t expect to reach another milestone anytime soon.

Welcome to Braman’s Wanderings was posted on May 5, 2012, but regular posts didn’t start until June 2 with Take off to Canada.

So, join me for the next 100,000 as I embark on a vacation to Turkey.


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5 Responses to 100K Views for Braman’s Wanderings

  1. lemanshots says:

    An absolutely deserved success, congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Congratulations on your readership Steven, that’s impressive. It’s kind of fun that your first post included Canada too ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Travels

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