Reformation Day IV

Tomorrow is Reformation Day, so I thought that I would write another post in my series.

Martin Luther attached his list of issues to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany 498 years ago on October 31, 1517.

St. Michael Church, Jena, Germany, Martin LutherThe church building shown here is not the one where Martin Luther posted his issues. However, this church building does have a connection to Martin Luther.

Luther Preached Here, St. Michael, Jena, GermanyMartin Luther preached in St. Michael’s church in Jena, Germany in 1524. He was also in Jena in March 1522 just after leaving his hiding place at the Wartburg. See Reformation Day III.

Jena, Germany, St. Michael's, Martin LutherIn this picture you can see the interior of St. Michael’s Church. On the left in this picture you can see the pulpit where Luther would have stood while preaching.

Pulpit Stairs, St. Michael's Church, Jena, Germany, Martin LutherHere is a closer look at the stairs leading up to the pulpit. I was so tempted to climb the stairs and stand where Martin Luther would have stood while preaching.

Martin Luther, Original Grave Plate of Martin Luther, St. Michael's, Jena, GermanyWhile standing by the pulpit I took a picture of a grave plate that was hanging on the opposite wall of the church building.

Martin Luther, Grave Plate, Jena, Germany, St. Michael's Church, Reformation MovementThis is the original grave plate for Martin Luther. However, Martin Luther is not buried in St. Michael’s. There is an interesting story as to why the grave plate is  in Jena. You can visit my post Reformation Day II to learn more about why the original grave plate is hanging in St. Michael’s.

You can also visit my post Notable Jena Gravestones to see a close up picture of the Martin Luther grave plate.

Someday I would like to visit Wittenberg, Germany and see the actual grave stone of Martin Luther.


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