Flora and Fauna X – Jena

Tonight while looking for some pictures I want to use in a future post I ran across some Flora and Fauna pictures that I decided to share.

This is the tenth post in the series. There is a list of the previous posts at the end of this one.

All of these pictures were taken in Jena, Germany during my trip there earlier this year.

Bee, flower, Flora and fauna, Jena, GermanyThis picture was taken one day as I walked back to the hotel from our office. I like this little bee that is on the little pink flower.

Cobweb, Jena, Germany, Cemetery, spider, spider webI took this picture of a spider web while visiting the Nordfriedhof in Jena. I was there taking pictures of some Notable Jena Gravestones. I like the layout of this web. They can be very intriguing.

Tropical Fish, Jena, Germany, Intershop Tower, Fish TankLater that day I stopped by the Intershop Tower and took some pictures of the fish that are in their tropical fish tank. These two fish look like they are swimming in formation

Yellow Fish, Tropical Fish, Jena, GermanyHere is a closer look at a yellow fish. You can really see the color in the fins and the eye. I like to watch fish swimming in fish tanks. We had fish tanks when I was a kid. I have some interesting memories of them 🙂

I have thought about getting a fish tank several times over the years, but have never made the decision to get one. I have come close several times.

Bugs, Insects, Yellow Flowers, MustardWhile taking A Long Walk in the German Countryside, I took this picture of insects gathered on a plant with mustard yellow flowers. I can see at least six insects in this picture, but there are probably more.

I hope that you enjoyed this entry in my Flora and Fauna series.

It brought back some memories while I wrote it.


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