Sleepy Sunday

Today was a sleepy day. This weekend has been very rough as I have not been sleeping well for the last few nights. See An Eventful Day for some of the reasons.

This post wanders around a bit, but it has been hard to focus the last few days.

Jezreel, King Ahab, Ruins, Archaeology, Jezebel, ElijahI did get up early this morning to finish a presentation for my Sunday Morning Bible class on Jezreel.

The class went very well as I talked about the few events that happened at Jezreel. Most of you know the account of Naboth’s Vineyard which happened there, but if not you can click on the link and read more about it.

Jezreel of course is the setting for most of the stories about Ahab and Jezebel, including how Jezebel died.

Unfortunately after the class I was all of a sudden very tired and struggled to keep awake during church services. I made it home safely and got some rest. I slept on and off during the afternoon and watched a little bit of the game where the Chiefs beat the Raiders.

Laundry, No power, washer and dryerBetween naps I did get some laundry done and have done some pre-packing for my trip later this week. I have also done some cleaning in my kitchen and started selecting some of the books that I will take with me to Germany.

Jena, Germany, Skyline, Jenoptik, Intershop, Planetarium, German SkylineI am headed to Jena, Germany to teach a couple of classes and attend some meetings.

Jena Market Place, Night Pictures, St. Michaels Church, Jena, GermanyI am looking forward to some nice fall weather. It will rain some the end of this week when I arrive, but the forecast for next week is highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s and 40’s. Wonderful temperatures as long as it is not raining šŸ™‚

Martin Luther Gravestone, Jena, Germany, Original Gravestone, St. Michael's churchI am hoping that the weekend will be nice as I am contemplating a day trip on Saturday to Wittenberg to see the All Saints’ church where Martin Luther posted his 95 theses. Martin Luther is also buried in the church building.

The picture above is what was to be his grave plate, but which ended up in Jena instead. See Reformation Day IV for more details about Luther in Jena.

It has been almost 500 years since Martin Luther posted his theses on October 31, 1517. Only one more year to go. I wonder if I can arrange a trip to Germany again for this time next year.

Now to try and get some good sleep. Hopefully the disturbing memories that have kept me from sleeping well for the past few nights will go away.


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