Reformation Day Posts

Each year since I have started my blog I have written posts about Reformation Day. Tonight I will give a recap of the posts and also share a few more that are related to the Reformation Movement.

Wartburg - Eisenach, Germany - Martin Luther - Reformation DayIn 2012 I shared pictures from a 2002 visit to Eisenach, Germany where Luther went to school when young and also later hid out from his enemies. The picture above shows his room in Wartburg. See: Reformation Day

Luther Haus - Eisenach, Germany - Reformation Day - Cotta Family - WartburgIn 2013 I shared another picture from the Lutherhaus and also more pictures from Wartburg. The post also gave some information about the original Luther grave plate.

See: Reformation Day II

Wartburg, Tower, Eisenach, Martin Luther, ReformationIn 2014 I again shared pictures from Wartburg and included information about one of the prisoners of the dungeon that is in the base of this tower.

See: Reformation Day III

Luther Preached Here, St. Michael, Jena, GermanyIn 2015 I shared pictures from the Stadtkirche in Jena, Germany where Martin Luther preached at least two times. The church is also where his original grave plate ended up.

See: Reformation Day IV

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressLast year I had just visited Wittenberg, Germany where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses 500 years ago today. I shared pictures from my trip and some thoughts on the beginning of the Reformation Movement.

See: Reformation Day V

Luther 2017, 500 years, Reformation Day, Martin Luther, Jena, GermanyYesterday I wrote a post titled Reformation Day 500. Actually it should have been Reformation Day VI, but since it was the 500th anniversary I decided to skip way ahead in my numbering šŸ™‚

Since I was in Jena, Germany last week I shared more pictures from the Stadtkirche Saint Michael.

Castle Church Pulpit, Wittenberg, Luthers GraveEarlier this year I wrote a post about 500 Years of Reformation. In the picture above you see the grave of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther Grave, Castle Church, Wittenberg, GermanyLast October I also wrote a post about Martin Luther’s Grave. In the post I share pictures of the church where he is buried.

Martin Luther Gravestone, Jena, Germany, Original Gravestone, St. Michael's churchEarlier this month I wrote a post about Luther’s Original Grave Plate. There is an interesting history behind the grave plate.

Last month I wrote a post titled Martin Luther after watching Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World on PBS.

Wittenberg 360, Yadegar Asisi, Luther 1517, ReformationJust after my visit to Wittenberg last year I wrote a post about a very interesting mural that I visited in Wittenberg 360 Luther 1517.

Castle Church Wittenberg, Martin Luther, 95 theses, church doors, Mighty FortressI also wrote a post titled Castle Church Doors which is about what happened 500 years ago today. The post also contains some of the history of the doors. A little hint, the ones today are not the originals. Click on the link to learn the fate of the original doors.

There are a few more Reformation posts scattered throughout my blog, but these should keep you busy with a bit of reading šŸ™‚




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