Flora and Fauna VIII – Library

This evening after picking up a few more books for The Newbery Challenge at the library I decided to take some pictures.

Tracy Library, Flower Gardens, Rose Gardens, NatureThe library is in a beautiful environment with some large trees and flower beds surrounding it. The library is also at the edge of Lincoln Park which is one of the largest parks in Tracy.

I think the library is especially beautiful at night with the large windows lit up where you can see the shelves of books.

Rose Garden, Tracy, California, Mantis, Flora and Fauna, NatureI decided to take some pictures in the rose garden and found a mantis on one of the rose blooms. I don’t know exactly what type of mantis this is, but my friend Roger could probably tell right away.

It was getting dark so there was not good light for the pictures. However, I didn’t want to use the flash. Using my flash could temporarily blind the mantis at this time of day as its eyes would be adjusting to night vision.

Mantis, Rose Garden, Flora and Fauna, Roses, InsectsHere is another view of the mantis. Just after this it crawled under the leaves of the bloom. I tried to get a few more shots, but they were only partially in focus so I will not share them.

Rose Bloom, Rose Garden, Purple Rose, GardenI will share a few pictures of the roses though. Here is a beautiful bloom that has pink and purple highlights.

At about this time I also started feeling some rain drops which is such a great feeling when you are in a drought. We only got a smattering of rain, but some areas to the south and east got a lot more. There is a chance for rain over the next couple days and it will be very welcome if it comes.

Pink Rose, Rose Garden, Rose at Dusk, Nature, FloraIn this picture you can really see that it is getting dark. I just thought of a title for this picture. The title would be ‘Pink Rose at Dusk.’

I hope you liked this look at the area around my local library.


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