Flora and Fauna VII – Roses

Today has been a lazy day off of work.

Since it has been a lazy day I am just now getting around to a post so will keep it simple with an addition to my Flora and Fauna series.

I had planned on taking a day off of work earlier in the week, but plans changed.

I had a haircut scheduled and planned on doing my Taxes on Wednesday. However, I did get those taxes done last night and also was able to move my haircut to today.

I was able to get some work done outside, and take a few pictures of my roses.

Rose Bush, Yellow Floribunda Rose, Roses, Yard WorkMy rose bushes are really blooming. Some of the blooms are already spent and I should spend some time removing them tomorrow.

Flora and Fauna, Bees, Roses, SpringThe rose bushes are also buzzing with little bees. I don’t remember seeing these little bees before, so they must have recently moved into the neighborhood.

Update: See comment section – These are hover flies.

Roses, Bees, Rose bushes, Spring, HoneyThis bee was being really nice and posing for me so I was able to get some clear shots that were in focus. I was a little apprehensive though as I had other bees buzzing around me.

Bees, Floribunda Rose, Roses, Flora and FaunaI really like this picture because of the position of the wings. It looks like it is ready to take off.

Hornets, Roses, Yellow Roses, Floribunda, Flora and FaunaThere are also hornets buzzing around the roses. These I have seen in the past few years. You can see a nice picture of one in my post Scary Anthropoda.

Lady Bug, Roses, Flora and FaunaI debated on whether to use this picture or not as it is a bit out of focus, but in the end you see my decision. I do have a few lady bugs on my roses as well. This is good as they are a natural means to control aphids.

Which of these pictures do you like best?


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5 Responses to Flora and Fauna VII – Roses

  1. Your little bee is a bee mimic. Check out the eyes and the lack of the bee’s longer antenna. It is a little hover fly and a very welcome pollinator for your garden. Amelia

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