Raindrops on Roses ….

Earlier today I shared a picture on Facebook that I took with my iPhone.

The picture was of one of the blooms on my Mister Lincoln Rose bush.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Raindrops on Roses, Favorite ThingsThe bloom had some water droplets on it from the overnight rain that we received.

I really like to see raindrops on roses. Especially as we are in a prolonged drought here in California.

Raindrops, Rose Petals, Sound of Music, Raindrops on Roses   Here is another iPhone picture with more raindrops.

I received a lot of likes and and several comments on the picture that I posted. Among the comments were a picture of whiskers on kittens and one of a bright copper kettle. Someone asked where the warm woolen mittens were.

I definitely have friends that like The Sound of Music.

Mister Lincoln Rose, Raindrops on Roses, Rose Petals, Rainy Day, DroughtHere is a picture that I took with my camera this morning. You cannot see the raindrops as well, but the color is better in this picture.

Rose Leaf, Raindrops, Rain, Raindrops on rosesOf course raindrops on roses can also be on the leaves. I like this picture of Water Droplets lined up in a row on one of the leaves.

Rose Leaf, Raindrop, Rain, Nature, DroughtHere is another leaf with some larger raindrops on it. They are all beautiful and definitely a welcome site.

We have another chance of rain early next week. I hope I can then get some more pictures of raindrops on roses.

Are raindrops on roses among your favorite things?



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