Colorful Commute

The course I am teaching in Toronto is over and tonight I had a colorful commute.

During the course I have been staying at a hotel near the office and walking to and from work each day. Tonight it was time to head To Friends on Friday. This meant that we had to drive through commute traffic.

Colorful Commute, Toronto Traffic, Fall ColorThe commute was not too fun as a truck was blocking several lanes of traffic in the direction we were going. Since traffic was slow it gave me the opportunity to get some pictures of the fall color here in Canada.

Fall Color, Commute, Colorful Commute, TorontoThe trees were really beautiful as we passed over the Don River Valley.

Don River Valley, Colorful Commute, Toronto, Canada, Fall ColorI really liked the orange and red leaves on the trees. The colors really contrasted with the green leaves.

Don Valley, Don River, Toronto, Canada, Fall Color, AutumnYou can see that the sky is also full of clouds. The weather has been rainy for the last couple of days. The temperatures are also plummeting and there is a possibility of snow flurries before I leave later this weekend.

Don Valley, Don River, Fall Foliage, Autumn, Red TreesIf I had this colorful scenery to drive through all year round, it would make for a nice commute. However, this color does not last too long and then it is time for the snow tires.

Toronto, Don Valley, Red Foliage, Fall colorHere is one last picture of the trees in Don Valley. It was definitely a colorful commute.


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