Cloudy Commute

Tonight I will share a few pictures from my commute. The pictures were taken in the past few days while the skies have been full of threatening clouds. We have received a lot of rain, but not as much as we would like to have.

This post joins two other #Commute posts: Colorful Commute and Horrid Commute

Cloudy Sky, Express lanes, 580, Dublin, LivermoreHere was the sky on my way home from work last night. The sky was full of clouds and it looked so much like rain should be falling. However, it was all show and no action.

I actually took this picture to show the new Express Lanes on 580 through Dublin and Livermore. I need to remember to go get a transponder just in case I need to buzz through traffic some day when a traffic delay will make me late for a class.

Colorful sky, Opposite sunset, backset, Altamont, stormy skyHere I am nearing the top of the Altamont. The picture is a bit deceptive as it looks like I am driving into the sunset. It is evening, but I am driving toward the East. I like to call this a backset, as the clouds opposite the sunset are lit up. You can see that the sky looks threatening, but no rain was falling.

Altamont, Backset, sunset, storm clouds, California, green hillsHere is another shot from after I started down the Altamont toward home. Again I am driving in the opposite direction from the sunset.

Although the picture is dark you can probably see that the hills are green from the rain that we have been receiving.

Storm Clouds, California, 205, Tracy, rainHere you can see more storm clouds that are laden with moisture. However they were not dropping any rain. I am glad that today we did get some rain. Some of the reservoirs are slowly filling up and the snow pack in the Sierras is also starting to build up.

Mt. Diablo, Tracy, California, rainy day, fog, power linesI took this picture on the way to work this morning. The sky was hazy as there was a lot of moisture evaporating from the ground. I really like this picture as it shows how green the landscape is getting.

In the background of this picture you can see the two peaks of Mt. Diablo. With the fog in the air it almost looked like they were covered with snow. However, as I got nearer to work I could tell that it was just an illusion.

My commute can sometimes be very beautiful.

Do you have a scenic commute?


p.s. This post was inspired by a colleague who said that I should write about the storm clouds. I think she may have been joking, but she sent my mind wandering.


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