A WonderPho Dinner V

Tonight I will share some pictures from my latest trip to WonderPho.

WonderPho is one of my favorite places to eat when I visit Canada.

I am tired so will mainly just have pictures tonight. Visit some of my previous WonderPho posts for more information.

Water, Wonderpho, Water bottle

The meal starts off with a nice bottle of water.

Wonderpho, Canada, Toronto, CondimentsThe condiments and tools await the arrival of my nice steaming bowl of pho.

Wonderpho, Pho Cari, Vietnamese FoodYum, doesn’t this bowl of pho look really good? I am now ready for another WonderPho Dinner.

Wonderpho, Empty Bowl, Good DinnerIt was delicious as always. Another Wonderpho Dinner.

Keep Calm and Pho Get About ItI just had to take a picture of this sign as I left the restaurant to walk back to the hotel in the rain.

Keep Calm and Pho Get About It

I always like a little pho humor.


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