Fall Images

Today was a day when I didn’t feel too well. I woke up with a sinus headache after not having a good night of sleep.

However, I had a class to teach so finished up my presentation and it was off to church. After services I headed home and spent most of the afternoon in bed.

Now for a quick post and back to bed. I decided to share a few images from fall as we start this beautiful time of the year.

Pine Mountain Lake - Valley Pond - Serenity - Reflections - California FoothillsThis first picture is of a valley pond near Pine Mountain Lake in the foothills of the Sierras. The fall color is starting to show and it looks so serene. I previously used this picture in a post titled Serenity.

Don River Valley, Colorful Commute, Toronto, Canada, Fall ColorHere is a fall color image from another valley. These beautiful trees are in the Don Valley in Toronto, Canada.

This picture is from my post Colorful Commute. If you click on the link you will see more pictures of fall color in Toronto.

Ueno, Japan, Fall, Fall Color, Change of SeasonsThis picture is from my post Ueno in Spring and Fall. This picture has only a bit of fall color with the beautiful red leaves on the tree, but you should see the picture of the same spot in the spring when it is cherry blossom season.

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesI used this picture in my post Ready for Fall which I wrote a couple years ago. The post has several other pictures of beautiful trees with colorful leaves.

This picture brings back so many memories of walking down leaf strewn sidewalks.

Mossy Post, Groveland, California, Hike, Fall HikeThis picture was taken during a fall hike near Groveland, California. It is one of several pictures that I used in Mossy Posts.

This picture definitely evokes thoughts of fall.

I hope you enjoyed these fall images.


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