Ready for Fall Color

This is a year where I am really ready for fall. The summer has been hot and dry and I am looking forward to cooler weather.

As we officially transition from summer to fall this week I am looking forward to the beautiful fall colors, especially the beautiful leaves.

Next month I will be taking a trip to Toronto, and it looks like I might be there at a good time to see the beautiful Fall Colors.

Beautiful Red Fall Leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana - Lew Wallace Study MuseumI really like to see the different colors like these orange leaves from Crawfordsville, Indiana. See my post Fall Leaves for more information about where I saw these leaves. If you are one of my followers that like literature, you will definitely want to know where I took this picture.

Zanussi Park, Tracy, California, Fall ColorHer are some leaves from close to home. This picture was taken a few years ago at Zanussi Park which is near my house. I have been walking around the perimeter of the park almost every night for the last several weeks, so am looking forward to the fall color.

Fall Leaves, San Ramon, Fall Color, Autumn, Red and Yellow leavesI am also looking forward to sidewalks covered with leaves. They bring back many memories of playing in leaves when I was a kid.

orange leaves, fall color, Pleasanton, California I think that I caught this tree at the perfect time. It looks like very few leaves have fallen, and it is full of color.Colorful Leaf, Backlit Leaf, Multi-Color Leaf, Foothills, Fall Color

Even leaves that are in the middle of changing colors can be beautiful. I really like the pattern of green and brown in this leaf.

Are you looking forward to the colors of fall?


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One Response to Ready for Fall Color

  1. Instead of driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Fall, this October we’re taking a cruise ship from Quebec City to Ft. Lauderdale.

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