Sunday Morning Images

Tonight I thought I would share a few images from my presentations this morning.

I pulled a double this morning as I not only taught my class on Joshua, Judges and Ruth, but also preached a sermon on Antioch – A Model Church.

Jordan Valley, Jericho, Shittim, Jordan Valley, Biblos.comOur lesson this morning was about the Israelites entering Canaan. I was able to find a map from to show how far it was from Abel-shittim to Jericho. I was also able to draw parallels to local geography that really helped my students understand the setting of our study.

Jericho and Abel-shittim are just a bit closer than Patterson and Turlock and they both have a river between them. In historic times both of these rivers would flood during the rainy season and be almost impassable. Today they both are small rivers that rarely leave their banks due to water diversions upstream.

Jordan River Valley - Jericho - Dead Sea - Flood stageI also used this picture to show the flat floor of the Jordan Valley. If you look carefully you can see the course of the river in the distance. The picture is looking from the west side of the River Jordan.

We also have a very flat valley floor in the San Joaquin Valley in California. In our case the hills to the east are not as close and rise gently from the valley floor instead of the abrupt rise in this picture.

See my post Crossing Jordan for more details and also a more recent picture of the Jordan River. I didn’t use it in the class, so I will not post it here 🙂

Hills of Jericho - Rahab and the Spies - Joshua - Walls of JerichoI also used this picture as it shows the hills to the west of Jericho. The picture is taken from the top of the tel at Jericho. Rahab told the spies to go hide in these hills for three days before returning to Abel-shittim.

See my post Hills of Jericho for more about the hills in the distance.

To the west of Patterson there are similar hills, although they are not quite as tall. It was very easy for the students to understand the setting of the story since I was able to tie it to local geography.

Now to come up with a good way to illustrate the size of the city for next week. I have some good ideas.

Anker Church Building - Anchor StonesMy sermon this morning was based on a sermon that I heard last year when I was in Antakya, Turkey. This is the Antioch where the disciples were first called Christians. Ferrell Jenkins let me have a copy of his presentation for future use and today was the day.

The sermon was titled Antioch – A Model Church, so I added a picture of a model church building into my presentation. See my post: Anker Church Building

Basilica, Antioch of Pisidia, Antioch, Church Building, SynagogueI also used a picture of the Basilica from Antioch Pisidia in the presentation. This was used to differentiate the two Antiochs and again to point out that we were not talking about physical buildings. Our preacher had also preached a sermon about Paul’s sermon in Antioch of Pisidia last Sunday night so I was able to show a picture of where it most likely occurred. The basilica is thought to have been built on the foundations of the synagogue from the time of Paul.

I did not add any pictures of Antioch of Syria as the ones I took were very similar to the ones that were already in the presentation.

Now to get started on my presentation for the class next week about the Conquest of Jericho.




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