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Food Breaks at the Dig

In my post Early Morning at the Dig I mentioned that we get to Lachish at about 5:00am.

We board the bus before getting any breakfast, so we always look forward to the food breaks during the dig.

Food Break, Coffee Break, Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, Lachish

Here is a picture of the break area at the dig. You can see the large shaded area. Inside are several rows of tables to sit at during the breaks.

Coffee Station, Water Break, Coffee Break, Hot chocolate, Lachish, Dig, Archaeology

The first break of the day is the coffee break and comes at 7:00am. At this break there are fixings for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and usually some other goodies like chocolate wafers.

However, most people are headed to the water and coffee table. I usually make a sandwich and enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate.

The next break comes at 9:00am and is the actual breakfast. We take a little bit longer break at this time.

Breakfast, Dig, Archaeology, Lachish, Achaeological Dig, Cucumbers, Cereal

For breakfast there is bread and tuna with a type of spread that is delicious. There are also trays of cucumbers and tomatoes. I usually load up on cucumbers. You can also see hard boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt and cereal. I always get a nice bowl of cereal and milk.

Watermelon Break, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, Apples, Fruit

Later comes my favorite break of the day. At 11:00am it is time for watermelon break. On some days there is also muskmelon (cantaloupe) or apples.

Eating Watermelon, Watermelon Break, Archaeology, Lachish, Israel, Dig

However, it is the watermelon that I like. See my post: Eating Watermelon

After the watermelon break it is back to our squares until it is time to board the busses at 1:00am and head back to Kedma Village for lunch.


Sunset at the Dig

Sunday’s are long days at the dig. We start the day in Jerusalem and meet the bus to Kedma Village at the bus station.

When we arrive at the village we quickly change into our dig clothes and have lunch.

We then board the bus for Lachish.

We start digging at about 2:00 in the afternoon in the heat of the day. Fortunately,  the temperature was not too high today.

Square Supervisor, Alla, Lachish, Archaeology

Here is our square supervisor working on the plan for work in the square. I really enjoy working with Alla.

Archaeology, Archaeological Dig, Lachish, Dig, Buckets

Here is a view of the square as we continue to dig down through the layers of time.

Sunset at the Dig, Archaeological Dig, Silhouettes

One benefit of working on Sunday afternoons is that we get to see the sunset. However, we will also see the sunrise on Monday morning.

Sunset, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological Dig, Sunday Dig

Here is another view of the sunset with part of the sunshade for context.

Light Dinner, Kedma Village, Evening meal, food

After we return out tools to the storage shed we descend to the bus and head back to the village for a light dinner.

Then it is time for a shower as we have to be up at 4:00 in the morning and on the bus at 4:40. See: Early Morning at the Dig


p.s. This was meant to be posted on Sunday evening, but the internet was being contrary. We did indeed see the sunrise on Monday morning.