Cats in Israel

A quick post tonight as I have been busy with yard work and also finishing up presentations for my Sunday morning class and sermon.

Luckily the class I am teaching is Joshua, Judges and Ruth and I am able to utilize some of the pictures I have taken in Israel.

While going through some of the pictures I saw a few of cats and decided to share them.

Jerusalem Old Quarter, Cats, Night time, Empty Streets in JerusalemWhile we were out and about in Jerusalem we would see cats all over the place. Especially in areas that were deserted where they could roam at will. Vacant lots and archaeological sites would usually have a few resident cats.

The cats above are sitting in an area of the Old City that during the day is very busy. However, we would walk through in the evening while heading back to our hostel and the streets would often be deserted. That is when we would see the most cats.

Bethesda Pool, Cat, Archaeology, JerusalemHere is a cat at the Pool of Bethesda. The cat was running up and down the steep staircases at the pool and looked at home. We also saw cats in the area south of the Temple Mount. I am sure that they find nice places to hide among the ruins.

Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesThere were also a few cats at Kedma Village where we stayed during the dig. My favorite was this white cat.

Blue Eye Green Eye, Two Colored Eyes, Cat, Kedma Village, White Cat, hererochromiaThis cat could possible be a Khao Manee which is a breed of cats from Thailand. They are known for having heterochromia, which is eyes of two different colors.

Did you know that Alexander the Great had heterochromia?

I hope you enjoyed this look at cats in Israel.


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4 Responses to Cats in Israel

  1. Marc-André says:

    That cats eyes are amazing !

  2. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Beautiful! I sure hope somebody is doing TNR of these cats. Trap-neuter-return.

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