Anker Church Building

Near the end of each month I start to check one of my favorite websites to see when it gets updated. My friend George Hardy always posts pictures of a new Ankerstein building on his website each month. This month the picture comes from a builder in Alaska and is of a German City Gate.

You may remember the post I wrote earlier this month titled Town Gate. Here is the Town Gate that I built.

Ankerstein Town Gate - Anchor Blocks

Town Gate – NF14

This town gate is very small compared to the one featured on George’s website, but it also uses a lot less blocks.

Wait, isn’t the title of this post Anker Church Building? Oh, I guess I better get to the subject. But first I want to share a smaller church building that is built with only one box of stones.

Ankerstein Chapel - Anchor Blocks

Small Chapel – NF6

I featured this Small Chapel in my first post about Ankerstein building blocks. If you want to learn more about how the Ankerstein system works you can read about it there.

So, now to the Anker Church Building that is the subject of the post :-).

Anker Church Building - Anchor Stones

Large Parish Church – NF16

This building is built with set NF16, which has six boxes of blocks. In the plan book, this building is titled: Large Parish Church. You can see that there is much more detail in this building as the stones get smaller and smaller as you use more boxes. They also come in a larger variety of shapes. If you look closely you can also see stones in this building that were not used in the Town Gate, which only used five boxes of blocks.

Anker Wooden Window - Anchor Stones

Wooden Rosette

Since I built this building I have acquired a set of wooden windows that can be used to dress up the construction. The next time that I build this church building I will make sure that I use them.

I enjoy building with Ankerstein. It can be very relaxing and you can easily lose track of time.

When building this church building, I had good memories of traveling in Germany where you see many historic church buildings. They have many different architectural styles. The plan books for Ankerstein also have many different varieties as well.

I hope you enjoy this look into building with Ankerstein.

Now off to start packing for my vacation!


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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Loved this!!!

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