The Frytown Church

Religion in Family History

The Church of Christ building in Frytown, Iowa brings back many good memories for me.

Frytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa - 150 years - Restoration Movement Today I am thinking about this church as a friend posted the following on Facebook.

50 years ago in “Evangelism from the Heart of America” (Nov. 11, 1963). The Frytown church near Iowa City celebrated its 100th anniversary. Richard Yoder was in charge of the activities. 133 people attended the special services.

Richard Yoder is my Grandfather, so I have been thinking of the Frytown church today. My father also spoke on the program for the celebration of the 100th anniversary. The picture above was taken near the time of the celebration. My Grandfather is standing in front of the building.

Frytown Church of Christ - Richard Yoder - Preacher - Church Steps - Religion in Family HistoryHere is another picture with my Grandfather standing in front of the entrance with my uncle who is now a preacher.

Shortly after the 100th anniversary celebration my parents were married in the church building. We recently celebrated their Golden Anniversary.

Frytown Church of Christ - Frytown, Iowa  - Centenniel - Church is the People - CongregationOf course, the church is the people, so here is a picture of the congregation. I see many people that I know in this picture. Especially as some of them are family members. My Great-Grandma is in the middle of the second row.

Seeing the picture of my Great-Grandma brings back memories of visiting her grave which is in the cemetery behind the building.

This church was also where my Grandparents were baptized and my Grandfather decided to become a preacher.

This little country church also has great meaning to me as it was where my family was attending when I was born.

You may have seen my post, Family Friends, that I posted last week. The family friends that were featured in the post all have connections to this little country church.

I have many more memories wandering through my mind as I write this, but will leave you with only these few.


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13 Responses to The Frytown Church

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    I have a childhood Church with wonderful memories of several generations of family and friends. It’s still there, but they have a new building. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Did you attend Iowa Mennonite School?

    • vanbraman says:

      No, but my Mom had cousins who went there. I went to school in Ottumwa and then in Kansas.

      • I was just curious since I grew up in Kalona near Iowa City, and attended IMS. Take care. Love your posts. Last summer we had our dream vacation, stopping in Switzerland for 12 days on our way to America from Bangladesh. We visited the homestead in Germany where Jacob Raber lived before emigrating to America.

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